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Peña & Kahn

Peña & Kahn
60 Second Regional Broadcast Commercial


“The Depths of Horror”

Director: Manolo Celi


When the injury law firm Pena & Kahn contracted TimeLine to make a commercial, the mission was to buck the trend of law firm commercials and create something wholly human, sincere, and original. In an ‘all hands on deck’ effort, TimeLine carefully worked with director Manolo Celi and copywriter Kirtland Snyder to craft all aspects of creative towards that goal.
The result was a cinematic :60 and :30 cutdown that would be broadcast regionally for the firm’s New York-area locations.The complex car accident scene required extensive CGI from TimeLine Art Director Adam Stroncone. Incorporating practical elements with original renderings, the finished product is a realistic and visceral scene.
TimeLine filmed the spot on-location in Rockland, NY with post-production completed at TimeLine HQ in Irvington, NY. “The Depths of Horror” is currently airing regionally in the tri-state area.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.03.33 PM

Konārka Technical:

Camera: Sony FS700
Editorial: Adobe Premiere CC 2015
Motion Graphics: Adobe AfterEffects CC 2015
Deliverables: HD National Broadcast Standards