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Tasting Room

Tasting Room
National Broadcast Campaign


“Remember When”

Agency:  Lockard & Wechsler

Director:  Zack Resnicoff


TimeLine Video partnered with Lockard & Wechsler Direct to create the first national campaign for Tasting Room – a wine subscription service that “takes the guesswork out of buying great wine.”

On an accelerated schedule, TimeLine storyboarded, cast, shot, and posted the campaign.

Tasting Room

TimeLine Art Director Adam Stroncone brought sophistication to the white cyc world, surrounding the spokesman wine imagery and incorporating interactive graphic overlays.  For the lifestyle scenes, TimeLine drew inspiration from Tasting Room’s wine profile layout, seamlessly integrating graphic information into the real world.

The 30 second version opens with a bit of humor, following a frustrated shopper through the confusion of a local wine store.

The campaign is currently airing nationally.


how to buy clomid in australia Technical:

Camera: RED Epic (Dragon sensor)

Editorial: Adobe Premiere CC

Motion Graphics: Adobe AfterEffects CC

Deliverables: HD National Broadcast Standards