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Prime Line Case Study

Case Study:
Prime Line



buy stromectol About Prime Line:

Prime Line is an industry leading supplier of promotional products and accessories.  Based out of CT, they have a national reach of distributors and clients, and pride themselves on quality of products, fulfillment consistency, and focus on safety.





In a crowded market, our job is to elevate Prime Line’s web presence by creating high-end product-driven content, and to convey a unique voice across social media channels.


Our Objectives:

  • Elevate Prime Line’s product marketing
  • Enhance Prime Line’s social media presence through original content and high-level branding
  • Expand online presence to grow brand recognition






São Mateus do Sul Prime Line Product Videos

As a supplier, Prime Line’s focus is on product quality and safety.  To help them stand out, TimeLine produced a series of high-end product videos centered around a fun, familiar character – the hand.  Each playful video highlighted the product features in a light-hearted, engaging way, with the hand playing a central role.  The videos augmented Prime Line’s product presence, with use on the website, YouTube, and in email marketing.  

Waterproof Bag


USB Car Charger




Smiley Guy


Prime Line Social Media

When Prime Line and TimeLine teamed up for social media content marketing, the goal was simple: Generate fun, original content that engages their rising social media audience. This started with the Mop Topper pen, an original Prime Line product. We fast-tracked a series of videos and photo manipulations that matched the unorthodox, comedic design of the frizzy-haired pens.

The next step was distributing the content, which included managing their social media channels and writing appropriate copy for each unique outlet. By curating additional content and providing customized aesthetics, we created a uniform company “look” and re-launched their ongoing customer engagement efforts.





Six Million Dollar Pen


Moptopper Confessional




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