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Video Production Services
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Video Production Services


The key to production is scalability.  No two creative are the same, and so no two budgets are the same.  At TimeLine, we have the know-how to tailor production logistics to the scale and need of your creative, so you will always get the best product for your budget.

In our extensive portfolio, we have produced everything from simple studio shorts to high-concept commercials shot in sets built completely from scratch.  For our latest Sears Craftsman campaign, we used the shell of a massive barn and built a fully functional aspirational workshop – a playground for our spokesman to show off the latest and greatest tools.  Contrast that with our successful online product demos for Primeline, which were shot in-house on a simple white tabletop.  We also offer extensive location scouting and management.  Ever been on set when a lawnmower started up right next-door?  We have the management experience to ensure that doesn’t impact production.  And most importantly, who doesn’t love a great craft services table?

Our Production Services

Full Service Production

On location
In studio
Custom built sets
Language Consulting

Single or Multi-Camera

Digital Cinema (RED, Alexa)

Voice-over recording

Access to local and national talent database
Multilingual talent


Over the past two decades camera technology has changed dramatically, and we are always experimenting with the newest bodies and sensors.  Our DPs shoot on the latest digital cinema cameras including RED and Alexa, and will always tailor their approach to the needs of production.  Not every creative, or every budget, calls for a RED Epic on a Fisher 10, and we have a talented lineup of 2-camera crews for event documentation and behind-the-scenes features.

TimeLine has developed long-term relationships with some of the most talented Voice-over artists in the country, both union and non-union.  We offer the ability to remote record, so you can listen-in to a session from the comfort of your home or office.


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