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Big Apple Circus

Big Apple Circus
30 Second Regional Broadcast Commercial



Agency: Seiden
Director: Jeff Turick


The awe of children at the circus. Working for Big Apple Circus, TimeLine and Seiden Advertising sought to encapsulate that playful emotion on location at the circus’ New York-facility. The :30 regional spot was geared to hype their grand tour shows at Lincoln Center, currently running through January.

TimeLine’s post-production team brought Seiden’s storyboards to life, putting their text in motion and complimenting the shots of amazed circus-going children. A playful, fun, and kinetic tone carries the spot throughout, featuring an original score.

The Big Apple Circus commercial is currently airing regionally in the tri-state area.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 1.01.21 PM

Garden City Technical:

Camera: RED Epic (Dragon sensor)
Editorial: Adobe Premiere CC 2015
Motion Graphics: Adobe AfterEffects CC 2015
Deliverables: HD National Broadcast Standards