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October 2016 |


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TimeLine Video joins Ken Marsolais and the Bullish Farmer

By Diane Cricchio, CEO/Creative Director

A feature documentary about a farmer who quits Wall Street and literally bought the farm.


Back in 2013, Tony and Pulitzer Prize Award winning producer Ken Marsolais visited TimeLine with a 5-minute screener of a yet-to-be-titled documentary about small farms.   Nearly three years later, Ken Marsolais Productions has awarded TimeLine Video the post-production finishing services for the the feature documentary “The Bullish Farmer.”

Part biography part call to action, “The Bullish Farmer” tells the story of John “John Boy” Ubaldo who left his job on Wall Street to buy a farm upstate and return to grass roots agricultural practices.   The film, paralleling John’s experience over the past decade, expands into the important subject of GMOs, Big Agriculture, and the various obstacles that are threatening the very nature of how and what we eat.  This is a subject close to our hearts here at TimeLine, and we couldn’t be more proud to be involved with this film.

Working with a wonderful final edit by the talented Kristen Nutile, TimeLine has assembled a stellar team to to finalize the film and begin submitting to festivals.  We’re excited to once again be working with Headline Sound (audio mixing & mastering), Out of the Blue (color grading), and of course our very own Adam Stroncone (VFX) and Natt McFee (sound design).

The producers, Ken Marsolais and Nancy Vick, have independently funded the film along with a few friends up until this point, and they’re currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the necessary finishing costs.  TimeLine has also been tasked with developing and running the campaign, as well as managing all social media channels for the film.

While a cut of the film has been submitted to Sundance, the producers are targeting a December 2016 completion.

Stay tuned!