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The Problems with JPEG


Mike Pound, who does an elaborate and through explanation of a JPEG file, explains in this video the issues with text in JPEG compression. Read more…



What is HD? And Should I Care?

HD stands for High Definition. And High Definition is relative. Period. End of story.

That being said, there has become a “standard” for what High Definition means in our modern world, but to explain that we have to talk about pixels. Pixels are tiny squares that make up your computer, phone, or TV screen. They are told what color to be by your computer and then lit from behind so you can see them. In essence, they all come together on a miniscule level to make the images you see on your screen. So the more pixels you have, the “better” your screen will look. Or to put it another way, the more pixels you have, the less you will see said pixels which will create the illusion that the images you see on your screen are more “real” and less “digital”. Even though it’s all digital.

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The Unintended Results of Using a Smaller Camera Rig

Good cameras used to be huge because, well they had to be. Film was big, technology was old, which means it was bigger, and in order to be rugged, things had to be, well, bigger.

Today things are different. Much of what the iPhone can shoot will be light years better than anything made before 2005 with a digital camera. It can shoot full HD and super slow motion. There are cameras that cost thousands of dollars that can’t do that today.

Granted, there are other reasons why some cameras cost more and some less, but if we’re going by pure image quality, the digital camera has matured and you would have to work very hard to find an example of poor quality.

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