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How to Make Photography Fun

15 years ago I got my first camera. It was a black plastic film camera, far beyond the years of old Canon AE-1s and the like, but before the digital revolution. It had a battery, autofocus, auto-wind, etc. I was so excited about the thing I could hardly wait to use it. And I used it constantly. I shot everything with it for years, until of course I got a digital camera. The first digital camera I owned was a Sony something or other. It was small and silver and square-ish and was definitely not a knockoff of the ever popular Canon Digital ELPH (it was). On that camera I really learned the power of things like long exposures, time lapse, and other super fun creative photography things that really get the juices flowing in someone who just wants to make cool images. My passion extended from there into video, and I got a Panasonic DV camera. From that point on I knew this was the work I wanted to do, and I’ve been doing it in some capacity ever since. I’m almost 30 now, with many years of experience under my belt, but (hopefully) many MANY more to come.

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