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May 2019 |



Job Opportunity

TimeLine Video, in Irvington, NY seeks Language Interpreter for Film and Video. Duties: Language consulting; detailed translation of scripts that maintain the artistic concept of original work. Translation of Cellular Provider Legal Documents from English to Spanish. Live Translation on Film Set and casting session to insure and detect the various dialects. Adapting translations into specific time parameters. Requires: BA in English, Film and Media or Theater plus 18 months of experience in Written Translation, Digital Translation, Live Translation, Interpretive Translation, Digital Editing Programs for Subtitles. The job requires flexible working hours to accommodate client requests. Must have knowledge of digital editing programs for subtitles, understanding of film and media language, knowledge of working on a film set, knowledge of casting sessions, knowledge of dialects, knowledge of adapting translations into specific time parameters, and knowledge of the artistic aspects of the field. Position requires travel to locations for translations on film sets, meetings with potential clients, and as representative of the company. $48,298/year. CVs to